1st Place Team – Exeter Finance


1st Place 2013 Hoewaa Corporate Challenge

1st Place 2013 Hoewaa Corporate Challenge

Combined times for the 2013 Corporate Challange – 2 heats

CC 2013 Times


2013 Canoe Race – Competition – Directions – Prizes


  1.  The Amas & The Papas
  2.  Baker Brothers (the Plumbers!)
  3.  GiftCard.com Rock ‘N Rowers
  4.  Pineapple Persuasion
  5.  Bucket List #1 (formerly Canoe On The Move)
  6.  Bucket List #2 (formerly Bucket List Check Off)
  7.  Growing With Big Green
  8.  Sneaky Opihi
  9.  Sweet Okole #1
  10.  Sweet Okole #2
  11.  Viscious & Paddlelicious (New!)
  12.  Davaco (New!)
  13.  DUC Fast Dragons (New!)
  14.  DUC Furious Dragons (New!)

Company employee teams, crews of friends & relatives and throw-together-crews showcase a fascinating variety of folks from all walks of life: Engineers & flight attendants, finance & loan personnel, internet retailers & college students, hula dancers & hula teachers, plumbers & designers, travel agents & guitar pickers, parents & their adult children, adventurers & PTA mothers, grandparents & their adult grandchildren, friends & strangers, young folks & senior citizens, first-time-paddlers & returning paddlers, and you & me. All engaging in a favorite sport of the ancient Hawaiians.


Our amateur crews arrive innocent & calm. Until they stage at the starting line next to their opponents. Then the metamorphosis begins–pulses quicken…blood pressures rise…hyperventilation appears…adrenaline rushes…and muscles start twitching. No, you’re not having a heart attack. Your body’s movin’ into ‘race mode’ and it’s screaming, “Let’s get it on!!!”

 When the Start flag drops & the horn blares…12 paddles flash at once…water explodes & splashes… paddle whorls spin past both canoes…and for a little over 2 minutes nothing exists except your crew, the canoe and the exhilarating pounding in your breast. Both crews stroking for all they’re worth to cross that Finish line first. And one of you does.

And then ya wanna do it all again. And you will!



Races will be held at Wind Surf Bay Park in Garland

  • 5556 Locust Grove Rd., Garland, TX 75043
  • I-30 east toward Texarkana
  • Take exit 61 toward Zion Rd
  • Right on Seaport Dr.
  • Immediate Left onto Locust Grove Rd
  • Continue into Wind Surf Bay Park
  • Proceed on gravel road up the rise & past the gazebo
  • Park all the way down the road on the right.
  • Unload & carry your stuff down the hill to the shore & set up.



  1. I’ll have big cooler full of water, but you may wish to bring your favorite drink & snack.
  2. Protection from the sun: Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/visor.
  3. Our Bucket List Teams will have two canopies at race central…a place to rest & relax while you wait for your next race. Look for the Bucket List signage.
  4. Folding lawn chairs to sit under one of the canopies.
  5. Your cameras & smiles to capture the moment. Bucket List and Hoewa’a’s photos & video of the event will be on websites and Club Facebook page within a week after the event.


The following general guidelines will help you understand rour seat assignments.

SEAT 1: Stroker, maintains the best race pace the crew can paddle; your most consistent paddler.

SEAT 2: Also a consistent paddler; must be able to paddle in perfect timing to SEAT 1. Half the crew cues on you, the other half on the stroker (seat 1).

SEATS 3, 4, 5: Generally your power seats, your stronger & heavier/larger paddlers.

SEAT 6: Hoewa’a provides the steersperson…a steersman for crews with 2 men/3 women…a steerswoman for crews with 2 women/3 men.



Everyone in the crew paddle together, in synch, for the entire race.

 All paddles Reach forward together…

All paddles Enter the water together…

All paddles Stroke together…

All paddles Exit together…

Repeat till you cross the finish line.



The top 3 Corporate Challenge crews will be presented with Hawaiian gourd art trophies called umeke (vessel, bowl). These traditional art pieces of contemporary design were lovingly designed & crafted by Hoewa’a club president, Manu Birkmeyer. In addition, each member of the Top 3 placing crews will receive medals. And all racing participants will receive a Corporate Challenge Certificate, a beautiful keepsake of this unique event. A special, late addition fun award is the ‘Pupule Paddlers’ Award for the most creative, colorful or crazy crew of the entire event. ‘Pupule’ means ‘crazy’ in Hawaiian…and most of us are!



Will your crew own the exclusive Bragging Rights as the ‘Best Outrigger Race Crew’ in the

Best Little Outrigger Canoe Race in Texas?

In 2010, Red Mango did it.

In 2011, Kupuna owned it.

In 2012, Ex-Cons claimed it.

In 2013…..Come & take it!